Example Questions


How well do your friends know you?


Have a try now.  You be the decider, and get a friend to be the predictor.  Each of you must hold one hand behind your back.  Read the question then make your hidden hand into a fist if you chose the first option, a flat palm if you chose the second.  Your friend must do the same, except they must predict your choice.  Both show your hands at the same time.  Were they right or wrong?   Why did they think you'd choose that way?  Now swap roles and try to predict your friend.


The following are just 24 out of the 1,240  questions in Which?



Which would you rather live without, socks or cheese?

Which would you rather be, a commercial pilot or the Minister for Foreign Affairs?

Of which quality would you like more, thrift or perseverance?

Which dance would you rather learn, tap or tango?

Which Beatles song is better, Hey Jude or Help?

In which country would you prefer a beachhouse, Sri Lanka or Brazil?

Which would you choose, same body better face, same face better body?  

Which would you prefer, to outlive your partner or die first?

Which are you, a thinker or a doer?

Which would you prefer if stranded on a desert island, magazines or soap?

Which is more important for beauty, lips or cheekbones?

Which would you prefer to name a daughter, Florida or Arizona?

Which direction would you choose, backwards in time or forwards?

Which do you prefer, live sport or live music?

Which are you, a hoarder or a clearer?

Which neighbour would you prefer, Cosmo Kramer or Ross from Friends?

Which sin is worse, wrath or lust?  

Which would you rather own, pigs or bees?

Which breakfast do you prefer, porridge or pancakes?

Which last meal, lobster or roast lamb?

With which person would you rather be stranded, Donald Trump or Tony Abbott?

In which country would you rather live, Portugal or Japan?

Which Simpsons character is funnier, Millhouse or Smithers?




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